...that propel your brand to the next level – this is our calling. At DigitalWerk, our experts in design, online marketing and web development work in close collaboration to create compelling messages and imagery that get noticed.

Our Creative HQ

We’re located directly in Vienna’s Museumsquartier (Museum Quarter), an internationally renowned epicenter for the arts and creative industries.


Online Marketing Academics.

Forget Buzzword-Bingo.

Content Stylists.

Laugh at Copy and Paste.

High End Frontend Experts.

Ditch standard codes.

Researchers with Vision.

Bye-Bye Copy-Cats.

Our Team

We have loads of talent on board.
Meet our team:

  • Wolfgang Schebesta
    Wolfgang SchebestaWolfgang Schebesta

    Junior Developer

    Young & wild: sheepish eyes meet wolf’s blood.

    “Schebs” is not a typical junior – he is light years ahead of like-aged fellows and helps to manage the big accounts. If he is not flying around the world to attend training courses, you can find this newsletter expert improving his next-generation developer skills.
    +43 1 26 44 248 – 24

  • Christopher Hurnaus
    Christopher HurnausChristopher Hurnaus

    Art Director

    DigitalWerk’s own graphic genius – a wellspring of edgy ideas and even edgier designs.

    Frequently you can find Christopher wandering through the office – always equipped with paper and pencil, on the hunt for fresh ideas (sometimes enhanced by a comic or two). With the same frequency, those ideas are transformed into reality. Big art.

    The right music provides the setting for Christopher’s mood: Inspired by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and Johnny Cash, ideas flow seamless onto digital paper.
    +43 1 26 44 248 – 31

  • Martina Thaler
    Martina ThalerMartina Thaler

    Project Management

    Always on the project team.

    The irrepressibly happy Martina augments the female energy at DigitalWerk. After a rapid career in content management, this talkative organisation talent is often the forward face of our team, always making our clients smile with her shrewd and professionally competent character. In addition, she is a walking library when it comes to Typo3 and WordPress.

    +43 1 26 44 248 -17

  • Dorian Kopez
    Dorian KopezDorian Kopez

    Head of Development

    The Michelangelo of developers.

    D-Man polishes all DigitalWerk masterpieces until they reach a state of perfection. The passionate metal fan is a visionary in the field of animation and our personal concertmaster for technical conception and planning. When it comes to brainstorming excellent ideas, he is always a step ahead. Famed as a troubleshooter, Dorian often has found a solution even before John Rambo has digested his briefing.

    +43 1 26 44 248 – 22

  • Michael Gattereder
    Michael GatterederMichael Gattereder


    Our digital creative director – with an analog soul.

    For many years (some say decades), our creative director has been a major player in the online scene.

    Mike takes the creative lead within the company’s management duo and he challenges the entire team on a daily basis, demanding the next masterpiece based on his illegible scribbles. Excellent team skills, a Pinterest-style photographic memory and a strong aversion to egoism are the cornerstones of his capacity for creative work.

    +43 1 26 44 248 – 13

  • Milena Banas
    Milena BanasMilena Banas

    Project Management

    A project management expert with a drive for perfection.

    Our third female creative professional, Milena, is a valuable addition to our Project Management team. She manages every project in the blink of an eye and leaves nothing to be desired. With passion and expertise she supervises projects from conception to completion. She holds a degree in Corporate Communications.

    +43 1 26 44 248 – 18

  • Robert Moick
    Robert MoickRobert Moick


    The man with the plan. And a finger in every pot.

    DigitalWerk’s own Chuck Norris – to speak of an individual with multiple talents would be pure understatement.

    Driven by burning passion to excel, Robert transforms enthusiastic energy into online products with soul. #strategy #outoftheboxthinker #processes

    +43 1 26 44 248 – 12

  • Günter Seibl
    Günter SeiblGünter Seibl

    Online Marketing

    Wanna be found online? Günter is your man!

    Google and Facebook ad campaigns managed by Günter are no less than virtuosic online marketing concepts. The multi-talented scholar with a double degree and solid expert knowledge makes sure that the right users discover his clients. In addition, Günter also rightfully calls himself an SEO expert, as he knows how to maximize search visibility.

    +43 1 26 44 248 – 15

  • Peter Eliades
    Peter EliadesPeter Eliades

    Senior Developer

    Smart, cool and with razor-sharp code – the better James Bond.

    Peter adds his many years of quality experience to the team. In our developer department, he is the specialist for frontend programming, quality management and technical SEO. Before this charasmatic perfectionist would overlook an item on his to-do list, the string quartet on Titanic would stop to play.
    +43 1 26 44 248 – 25

  • Max Byloff
    Max ByloffMax Byloff

    Head of Accounts

    An eccentric exec and passionate online mastermind.

    Max handles our client accounts and projects like a juggling artist handles burning torches. The marketing genius with some serious academic background heads the departments of Project Management & Online Marketing. Max is an infamous organizational talent and constantly keeps our digital factory at working temperature – in situations where others surrender, Max is just getting started.

    +43 1 26 44 248 – 14


  • Radoslav Georgiev
    Radoslav GeorgievRadoslav Georgiev


    WordPress and motorcycles are his passion.

    Our WordPress junky is an expert at twisting just the right knobs and dials to create a true masterpiece. If he is not jetting off around the world attending WordPress conferences, he is sharing his expertise in frontend technologies with us. Radoslav is a star developer, managing various projects while developing complex web apps. His brain works non-stop and he even programs in his sleep.
    +43 1 26 44 248 – 26

  • Johannes Ecker
    Johannes EckerJohannes Ecker


    Draw me like one of your French girls!

    Johannes is always trying to tread new, fresh paths – this craving for innovation can be felt in every pixel of his art. The young Digital Native doesn’t care about the apologists of “old” media and his impressive capabilities are exclusively based upon sound experience in digital work environments.
    +43 1 26 44 248 – 32