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Culture Austria

Digitalwerk is proud to be a reliable partner of mutiple institutions representing Austria‘s cultural beauty.


Who are the clients

Digitalwerk has had the pleasure to redesign the websites of a wide array of well-known cultural institutions. These include the Spanish Riding School, the Museumsquartier and imperial heritage administered by the Schloß Schönbrunn Kultur- und Betriebsges.m.b.H (SKB) as Schönbrunn Palace, Schloss Hof Estate, Hofburg Vienna and the Hofmobiliendepot • Imperial Furniture Collection.


While the content of the websites oftentimes refers to people and events that are hundreds of years old, the websites must meet a modern standard. Our challenge was to deliver a modern look without neglecting the cultural aspect. Moreover, we established the need to build a simple and inviting experience for users to stay on site and show stronger engagement.

Website Relaunches: Schönbrunn Castle (SKB)

A straight forward way of presenting itself is what makes Schönbrunn appealing to tourists, online and offline.


Website Relaunches: MQ Vienna

Breaching the gap between the traditional arts and a young and open lifestyle, this state-of-the-art website is the perfect representation of the Museumsquartier.


Website Relaunches: Spanish Riding School

A dignified traditional brand dresses in new garb, almost as beautiful as its horses.


Website Relaunches: Hofmobiliendepot (SKB)

Bold colors and slick design elements without any overbearing details give the Hofmobiliendepot website a clean edge and a stylish modern look.


Website Relaunches: WUK

The WUK in Vienna is known to many only as a venue for concerts. But the cultural association is much more and has a lot to offer, from educational offers to artists’ studios. This offer is presented on the new website in true fashion.


Website Relaunches: Schloß Hof (SKB)

This beautiful castle with its magnificent gardens and rooms deserves a website that presents the baroque splendour to the world.


(SKB)Website Relaunches: Kaiserkinder

Children can playfully learn about the life of the Habsburgers on the Kaiserkinder website, while their parents can dive into available programmes suited for children.


Website Relaunches: Hofburg Wien (SKB)

The Hofburg is an integral part of the cultural landscape of Austria and Vienna. What visitors can expect to see in the staterooms is mirrored on the website. Information and tickets are easier to obtain than ever before.


A summary of our projects



Spanische Hofreitschule

Schloß Schönbrunn (SKB)

Hofmobiliendepot (SKB)

Hofburg Wien (SKB)



Analytics and concept

In workshops we established the statos quo and defined the digital journey for our client. A a deep understanding of the KPIs as well as defined personas helped us to understand the requirements. Using Google Analytics we revealed where users left the previous website, had difficulties interacting and spend most of their time. The result: a cleaner structure that is both user friendly for users and fully optimised for search engines.

Website relaunch

With these inputs we breathed new life into the websites. This includes user-friendly navigation as well as an appealing exterior that was fine-tuned in close coordination with our clients. Thus a new Web appearance was crafted, which fully mirrors the cultural treasures of Austria. Once relaunched, the mobile interaction, site speed and thus the overall experience improved significantly.


The Digitalwerk Motion Team join our redesign efforts by supporting many of these websites with atmospheric and mood-setting videos. In particular, short loops in the header underline the experience and never distract from the content.
We are very happy with our new websites. They are beautiful functional and performant. Digitalwerk was the perfect match for the Schloß Schönbrunn Kultur- und Betriesbges.m.b.H as we both had the vision to show the historical imperial heritage in a modern an innovative way.

Ruth Wagner, Online Marketing Management SKB

The results

8 successful relaunches

of renowned cultural institutions in austria (and more to come!)

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