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Vienna House

Driving performance for the hotels of Vienna House


The Brief

The international hotel chain Vienna House approached us with a simple, yet challenging brief: how can we push for a stronger direct booking ratio on their website and relying less on online travel agents.

The Strategy

In order to make best use of the the chain’s marketing budget, we devised a plan to drive travellers from dreaming to booking their trip directly with Vienna House. For each step along the travel decision making funnel, we deliver the user with the right message. First, we inspire users to dream of getting away and then drive those who are in market to plan their trip. Once ready to book, we focus on our most efficient audiences to improve conversion rates.

As we gathered data we saw that our biggest lever was to improve cost per acquisition (media cost) as well as conversion rates once a user lands on site and progresses to book in an external booking engine.

We are really impressed with the results and ways of working with the team at Digitalwerk. Our mobile conversion boost speaks for itself and we had the most successful cyberweek sale. Plus, our team values the strategic work going into our digital campaigns as well as user experience improvements!

Thilo Hertwig, Head of Ecommerce

The Results

67 % Rise Mobile Conversion

boost in mobile conversion rates to search for a hotel with a facelift focussing on mobile ease of use and sitespeed improvements.

73 % Plus Black Friday Sales

growth in revenue on Black FRIYAY with concerted media campaigns, flash sale countdowns and other direct marketing communications.

66 % More Paid Search Revenue

rise in revenue from Paid Search campaigns with 50% more budget; boosting account health audited by external Google methodology.

How did we do it?

On top of restoring best practices from managing tourism online marketing campaigns, we recognised limitations in the mobile user experience. With more than 50% of users researching and booking on mobile devices, this was where we saw the biggest potential.

We pushed to upgrade the mobile experience


Establishing Mobile Interaction Principles

to ensure "thumb friendly" interaction with navigation and input fields, especially to start the booking journey as well as a tidied up and more visual hotels overview page


Providing Contextual Help for Users

providing smaller, sticky booking masks on top of page highlighting the main CTA as people dive into details on the hotel


Running Continuous A/B tests

to evolve and apply learnings we continuously run tests using Google Optimise and review conversion figures in bespoke Google Analytics reporting views.


The Look and Feel

More prominent and open booking mask on main entry points such as hotel overview and homepage

Screenshot 1
Screenshot 2

Interaction with input fields was made as easy as possible for date selection as well as promo code entry

We continue to squeeze the most out of digital campaigns

Paid Search Efficiency

CTR 2017
CTR 2018

Paid Search Ads now defend the clients' most valuable keywords against online booking agents – we doubled CTR year on year (Sept-Nov 2018) and raised brand impression share to 90%.

Remarketing Ads bring back users to site with a final convincer driving 30% more revenue at 13% less cost

Attributing value where it is created

Brand Keyword
Email Newsletter
Generic Keyword
Display Prospecting Banner

Moving away from last click conversion tracking we now recognise value generated in the dreaming and planning stages and we don't just measure click through but also view through conversions (users who saw but didn't click the ad and return to book)




Google Search Ads and Display Ads


Google Analytics and Google Optimise


Sitespeed and Mobile UX Audit


The Hotel Network Tools



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