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How to manage LEADS properly

Lead Management strategies need experienced specialists. When it comes to modernizing marketing processes of organizations, DigitalWerk is software giant Oracle’s preferred partner.


STEP 1: Choose the right partners

First, you need two things to successfully launch serious lead management activities: A capable software and a strategic implementation partner. Be cautious of the strategic part: driving a Formula One car without a trained instructor will not work. DigitalWerk is your instructor. We have set up lead strategies and implemented Oracles Eloqua for corporations like REWE and within cross-market projects.

STEP 2: Design your Customer Journey

  Branding / Online Marketing

  Lead Management

  CRM / E-Commerce

  Campaigns Social Media Service


In the age of cloud solutions and data management, old business pillars grow closer. The traditional separation of PR, IT, Marketing no longer holds to modern business structures. By coming closer, synergies arise not only internally but also for the customer journey. Whereas before, where Marketing, Sales and Service often worked in bubbles, now they can work seamlessly together. We help to set up and/or tune the online customer journey to ideally portray it in the software setup. That way, a service request can e.g. be perfectly integrated in marketing campaigns.

STEP 3: Get lead Generation right

When we want to generate leads, the whole digital ecosystem plays an important role. It starts with a compelling and user centric designed website or landing page that takes lead measures into account – by clear CTAs and values. Also, progressive profiling helps to get to know your users better. Offering attractive content in exchange for data requests also needs the right planning and execution: the mix of campaigns, flowing contents and additional benefit is of utmost importance. DigitalWerks experienced and certified Lead Management strategists will provide you with tailored concepts to maximize your leads.

Effects of Lead Management EXPRESSED IN %, T=120 DAYS

Generated Leads +600%

Start Campaign
Optimized Campaign

Conversion Rate 32%


Cost Per Lead - 50%

Start Campaign
Optimized Campaign

STEP 4: Know your Scores

MQL Special Nurtures Broad Nurtures Low Nurtures
A4 A3 A2 A1 B4 B3 B2 B1 C4 C3 C2 C1 D4 D3 D2 D1

The right Lead Scoring models will help you to automatically detect and report marketing qualified leads to sales. Within content marketing strategies, the score might help find persona profiles and quality content. Lead Scoring can do powerful ways: Know which customer is ready to buy and match it with probabilities. Then, such prospects can be nurtured with even further valuable content. We at DigitalWerk know how to work scores, can consult and manage your nurtures AND have the right content geeks to support you with nurture “material” such as videos, tools and more.

STEP 5: Analyze and improve

A well-managed lead management strategy improves constantly by analyzing. DigitalWerk’s online marketing team provides you with monthly reports which then can lead to further adaptations. After some months, the fostered leads are nurtured, enriched, qualified and ideally portrayed in constant marketing campaigns and loops.

Successes from our customers

Open Rate +250%

Start Campaign
Industry Benchmark
Optimized Campaign

CTR - 9x Improvement

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Industry Benchmark
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