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KIA Austria and Dominic Thiem

Live Coverage of Dominic Thiem in St Petersburg


The Brief

As one of the fastest growing automotive brands in the Austrian social media landscape, Kia has partnerd with Digitalwerk since 2011. We run fully integrated strategies across Facebook, Instagram, email as well as WhatsApp. When Kia approached us with an Austrian first to stream a Dominic team tennis tournament for the Austria market we pulled together an integrated plan to engage a highly relevant audience for the brand.


While Dominic Thiem smashed the St Petersburg Open tournament, Kia secured an Austria first to stream a live event as part of their brand partnership with the tennis star. Due to his strong international standing and fan base, Kia received fantastic exposure among tennis enthusiasts in Austria and we drove engagement to new highs.

“By streaming the matches from Petersburg, we found the perfect activation of our partnership with Dominic Thiem. We were chuffed with the amazing feedback from our fans. Digitalwerk was really responsive and was available 24/7 during the tournament to make this happen!”

Rene Petzner, General Manager Marketing, Kia Motors Austria

The Stats

6 Rank

among the „fast growing“ car brands in the Austrian Social Media landscape

29000 Viewers

reached over the course of the tournament with live stream messaging

50% Lower CPCs

due to higher relevancy in messaging in the lead up to and during the games

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The Look

Anchor points on the corporate website

Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2

Eye catching and thumb stopping ads on social media

The Ecosystem

We established an ecosystem to push out a message to create interest and pull users to the live stream on the website as well as the YouTube live stream.



Web Magazine




The Tools


Live Stream Website Hub

within the Kia Insider Magazine


Teaser Ad Formats

targeted to Dominic Thiem Fans and Sport Enthusiasts


Live Stream

feeding our audience exclusive content


Paid Search Ads

directing people searching for live results to KIA


Social Ads

featuring a message from Dominic Thiem himself


Display Banners

contextually targeted around the tournament and Dominic Thiem

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