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Mayr-Melnhof Karton

The world's largest producer of coated recycled cartonboard with an increasingly strong position in the production of recycled liner and virgin fibre cartonboard.



New standards in speed and communication are to be achieved by means of a platform called MMK digital docked to the website. Using the MMK digital platform,
Mayr-Melnhof Karton customers will for the first time be able to carry out all their business processes online and securely in real time in a matter of seconds, around the clock, seven days a week.

The concept

The aim of Mayr-Melnhof Karton is to communicate its innovative image to the outside world via its website. In this case, the product is decisive for the design and the concept for the navigation. The content fills the entire viewport up to the first mobile breakpoint. Until then, the individual navigation points are scrolled horizontally – reminiscent of physically browsing through a paper (or cartonboard) catalogue.

MMK digital

From the innovative website to the online portal MMK digital there is an interface on the basis of which the selection of the suitable cartonboard quality can be made. MM Karton actively supports customers with this additional service and helps, for example, to optimize deliveries and thus act more economically and environmentally friendly, as well as to track them live via GPS tracking.




At the beginning, the challenge was to give the MMK website a new look and at the same time not disregard the usual behaviour of the user. The intelligent integration of MM digital was of particular importance.


At the same time, measures were developed to make the MM digital interface even more user-friendly. Digitalwerk relied on its UI specialists to make the most of the platform‘s potential. In addition, usability tests with customers were carried out by external experts in order to achieve optimal insights.

Motion graphics

A picture says more than a thousand words - a video even more. The new website lets videos speak for themselves, which are discreetly located in the background of the website and do not distract the user from the essential content, but merely strengthen the identity of the brand.

Web design

The implementation of the concept was associated with many risks and challenges. But the result speaks for itself. With this daring step, Mayr-Melnhof Karton has set a benchmark among the cartonboard manufacturers and thus has an innovative appearance.

Web Development

The development specialists at Digitalwerk accepted the challenge and implemented the complex concept conscientiously. In the end, a website with recognition value was created, which, however, does not disregard important elements for a user-friendly interface and is optimally displayed on all mobile devices.
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User Interface

A viewport-filling screen design that adapts responsively to any resolution.

Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2

As soon as the layout switches to a mobile device, the traditional way of scrolling down is re-established.

MMK digital is a new era in the cartonboard trade business.

Horst Bittermann - Head of Marketing

Stat summary

304 person days

were performed by Digitalwerk in a lead time of only 196 days

3 days

of UX testing before the website went live

72% increase in user numbers

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