...that propel your brand to the next level – this is our calling. At DigitalWerk, our experts in design, online marketing and web development work in close collaboration to create compelling messages and imagery that get noticed.

Our Creative HQ

We’re located directly in Vienna’s Museumsquartier (Museum Quarter), an internationally renowned epicenter for the arts and creative industries.


Online Marketing Academics.

Forget Buzzword-Bingo.

Content Stylists.

Laugh at Copy and Paste.

High End Frontend Experts.

Ditch standard codes.

Researchers with Vision.

Bye-Bye Copy-Cats.

Our Team

We have 27 qualified people. And they're nice, too.

  • Christoph Martel
    Christoph MartelChristoph Martel


    The (online) force awakens.

    Often, the only noise Christoph makes is a kind of Darth Vader-style breathing. That’s when you know he’s deep in thought, creating new online strategies for our clients. Our digital native truly comes into his element faced with tricky situations where others have long since given up. His Facebook ad campaigns thrust even the most unheard of clients into the spotlight and his reports iron out any remaining kinks.
    +43 1 26 44 248 – 18

  • Alexander Frühwirth
    Alexander FrühwirthAlexander Frühwirth


    The art of being a true nerd

    From Salzburg to Styria, from Finnland to Los Angeles the ingrained web developer finally landed in Vienna. No matter whether backend or frontend – Alex has the solution for every problem. When he is not sitting with his laptop checking out the latest trends he cruises the city with his bike, looks out for the coolest mountain lakes during summer and for the steepest powder-snow slopes during winter.
    +43 1 26 44 248

  • Michael Gattereder
    Michael GatterederMichael Gattereder


    Our digital creative director – with an analog soul.

    For many years (some say decades), our creative director has been a major player in the online scene.

    Mike takes the creative lead within the company’s management duo and he challenges the entire team on a daily basis, demanding the next masterpiece based on his illegible scribbles. Excellent team skills, a Pinterest-style photographic memory and a strong aversion to egoism are the cornerstones of his capacity for creative work.

    +43 1 26 44 248 – 13

  • Natalie Stockinger
    Natalie StockingerNatalie Stockinger

    Content Stylist

    Consider it done!

    No content, no website. With maximum precision, esprit and drive our content stylist Natalie puts the finishing touch to webpages. Even the most ambitious client is tamed by her charming telephone voice and delighted by her massive competence that the young talent of communication sciences can show off.

    +43 1 26 44 248 – 16


  • Peter Eliades
    Peter EliadesPeter Eliades

    Head of Development Slovakia

    Smart, cool and with razor-sharp code – the better James Bond.

    Peter adds his many years of quality experience to the team. In our developer department, he is the specialist for frontend programming, quality management and technical SEO. Before this charasmatic perfectionist would overlook an item on his to-do list, the string quartet on Titanic would stop to play.
    +43 1 26 44 248 – 25

  • Radoslav Georgiev
    Radoslav GeorgievRadoslav Georgiev


    WordPress and motorcycles are his passion.

    Our WordPress junky is an expert at twisting just the right knobs and dials to create a true masterpiece. If he is not jetting off around the world attending WordPress conferences, he is sharing his expertise in frontend technologies with us. Radoslav is a star developer, managing various projects while developing complex web apps. His brain works non-stop and he even programs in his sleep.
    +43 1 26 44 248 – 26

  • Magdalena Salner
    Magdalena SalnerMagdalena Salner


    Always a cut above.

    Our motion specialist was born with a video camera in her hand. She’s always ready to roll and can produce outstanding footage at a moment’s notice. Years of artistic experience and a positive attitude mean Magdalena is well-equipped to overcome any challenge. She has a zero tolerance policy towards substandard editing, so only immaculately crafted videos make the final cut in her editing suite.
    +43 1 26 44 248 – 33

  • Günter Seibl
    Günter SeiblGünter Seibl

    Head of Marketing

    Wanna be found online? Günter is your man!

    Google and Facebook ad campaigns managed by Günter are no less than virtuosic online marketing concepts. The multi-talented scholar with a double degree and solid expert knowledge makes sure that the right users discover his clients. In addition, Günter also rightfully calls himself an SEO expert, as he knows how to maximize search visibility.

    +43 1 26 44 248 – 15

  • Christopher Hurnaus
    Christopher HurnausChristopher Hurnaus

    Creation Director

    DigitalWerk’s own graphic genius – a wellspring of edgy ideas and even edgier designs.

    Frequently you can find Christopher wandering through the office – always equipped with paper and pencil, on the hunt for fresh ideas (sometimes enhanced by a comic or two). With the same frequency, those ideas are transformed into reality. Big art.

    The right music provides the setting for Christopher’s mood: Inspired by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and Johnny Cash, ideas flow seamless onto digital paper.
    +43 1 26 44 248 – 31

  • Dorian Kopez
    Dorian KopezDorian Kopez

    Tech Director

    The Michelangelo of developers.

    D-Man polishes all DigitalWerk masterpieces until they reach a state of perfection. The passionate metal fan is a visionary in the field of animation and our personal concertmaster for technical conception and planning. When it comes to brainstorming excellent ideas, he is always a step ahead. Famed as a troubleshooter, Dorian often has found a solution even before John Rambo has digested his briefing.

    +43 1 26 44 248 – 22

  • Robert Moick
    Robert MoickRobert Moick


    The man with the plan. And a finger in every pot.

    DigitalWerk’s own Chuck Norris – to speak of an individual with multiple talents would be pure understatement.

    Driven by burning passion to excel, Robert transforms enthusiastic energy into online products with soul. #strategy #outoftheboxthinker #processes

    +43 1 26 44 248 – 12

  • Gabor Juhasz
    Gabor JuhaszGabor Juhasz



    After studying bridges for 7 years he has finally arrived “home”. Since he was a child, his passion always was numbers. His favourite toy was excel. So being an engineer seemed logical, but maybe he chose the wrong field. He might be junior, but he surprises us every day with new skills.


    +43126 44 248-24

  • Sebastian Peneder
    Sebastian PenederSebastian Peneder

    Account Manager

    Bringing order to the chaos.

    Everything Sebi does is part of his carefully coordinated master plan. His devises countless project processes that all lead to the same destination: success. He’s our go-to man whenever things need structuring or streamlining. Sebi is a whiz at knowledge and communication management and dreaming up systems for effective collaboration. It’s as if his brain is hardwired for project management.
    +43 1 26 44 248 – 19

  • Muris Ceman
    Muris CemanMuris Ceman


    Storm, earth and fire, heed my code!

    As a hardcore developer, hardcore engineer and hardcore gamer Muris never rests before every single trailing whitespace is banned from his code. Besides building the finest websites, he calculates positions on Earth’s ellipsoidal models and protects the weak all over Azeroth and has always a backup strategy.

    +43 1 26 44 248

  • Juraj Šulek
    Juraj ŠulekJuraj Šulek


    PHP – Passion, Hard work & always Prepared

    Whenever there is a problem, Juraj is the right guy to call. No matter the complexity of the issue, he resolves it and explains it with all of his enthusiasm. He is our first aid and emergency call when something strange happens on websites. Everybody’s asking the debugger where the problem is. The debugger is asking Juraj.

    +43 1 26 44 248


  • Rok Mele
    Rok MeleRok Mele

    Head of Motion

    The Big Picture

    Being fascinated by the big cinema screen ever since, today Rok (yes, that’s his real name) makes movies for the largest screen the world provides: the internet.
    Inspired by the New and the Old Hollywood, he unleashes his creativity at DigitalWerk. Blending stories, emotions and brands via motion pictures to a unique mix is part of his day-to-day work for more than 10 years. Regarding his projects there is just one motto: “Do. Or do not. There is no try.” – Yoda
    +43 1 26 44 248 – 3500

  • Maximilian Povacz
    Maximilian PovaczMaximilian Povacz



    Max is the latest member of the Motion Unit reinforcing DigitalWerk with his broad skillset for animated imagery. Many years in academia and multiple accomplished projects made him a general expert, but postproduction is what Max is primarly renowned for. No matter if cutting, colour grading or animation – here you are exactly at the right address!

    +43 1 26 44 248 – 35

  • Kiana Fathi
    Kiana FathiKiana Fathi

    Social Media Editor

    What happens on Facebook, stays on Facebook. Forever.

    Even though she is very well aware of the fact that social media is not real life, Kiana likes to explore the depths of social media, looking for the newest trends. Her many hours spent in the world of social media allow her to spot extraordinary and like-worthy posts. As our social media editor she makes the presence of our clients on Facebook, Instagram and more follow-worthy and creates social media superstars. Whenever she needs a digital detox – despite of her love for the online world – she spends time with gentlemen named Monet, Van Gogh or Haring, inspiring her and taking her to a world prior to any kind of existence of social media.
    +43 1 26 44 248 – 1320

  • Stefan Strohmer
    Stefan StrohmerStefan Strohmer

    Account Manager

    His projects have faster sprints than Usain Bolt

    The client’s GO is his starting shot. Then he accelerates, passes inefficiency to the left, leaving incomprehension far behind and even multitasking gets envious and abandons the field. With precision he pursues his client’s goals, with speed he chases projects specs – milestones and deadlines are his weapons. His greatest passion are motion focussed projects, or does he just love his face on YouTube?

    +43 1 26 44 248 – 17

  • Max Byloff
    Max ByloffMax Byloff

    Services Director

    An eccentric exec and passionate online mastermind.

    Max handles our client accounts and projects like a juggling artist handles burning torches. The marketing genius with some serious academic background heads the departments of Project Management & Online Marketing. Max is an infamous organizational talent and constantly keeps our digital factory at working temperature – in situations where others surrender, Max is just getting started.

    +43 1 26 44 248 – 14


  • Erich Moosbrugger
    Erich MoosbruggerErich Moosbrugger


    Design with a human touch.

    Talent for design won’t get you very far unless you understand how people tick. Luckily for us, Erich has both the necessary expertise and empathy to come up with just the right design for each client. His extensive experience means he can meet any request our project managers throw at him. Following a briefing, Erich retreats to his creative oasis and produces all manner of inspiring artwork. As long as he’s ensured a steady supply of food, Erich can bunker down as long as it takes until victory is sealed.
    +43 1 26 44 248 – 11

  • Ondrej Groško
    Ondrej GroškoOndrej Groško


    The Backend Guru

    An unknown framework? An impossible deadline? These are terms Ondrej doesn’t understand. Mere mortals may only appreciatively gaze at how he optimizes a code using only one hand with lightning speed, while with the other he is already preparing the environment for a new project. Legend has it that if he would drink coffee he would be able to import data with a glance.

    +43 1 26 44 248


  • Lorenz Aschauer
    Lorenz AschauerLorenz Aschauer

    Account Manager

    Power of Precision

    The admiration for mechanical watches inspires his gear to gear precision project management style. It’s 3, 2, 1, Go and Lorenz takes clients’ wishes through design and development to make them tick. The creative generalist always keeps track of milestones and, thanks to Crossfit, has the power for the final sprint to meet the deadline.
    +43 1 26 44 248 – 19

  • Christian Tschugg
    Christian TschuggChristian Tschugg


    Don’t Panic!

    Compiling ideas and concepts into websites which not only improve the world but just look great is his mission. Chris has an eye on graphic details and turns the most complex challenges into an enriching experience for everybody. His inner peace and energy he gets from the mountains and nature.

    +43 1 26 44 248


  • Daniel Stein
    Daniel SteinDaniel Stein


    A developer not only speaking code.

    Long loading times and endless forms are a no-go for him! Daniel is committed to make the digital world a better place. With the latest frontend technologies he realizes fast performance and impressive design. When not programming websites, he gets hold of pens, cams or dishes to unleash his creativity.

    +43 1 26 44 248

  • Mariella Greiml
    Mariella GreimlMariella Greiml


    Don’t grow up – it’s a trap!

    Despite her knowing the melodies of projects, processes and best practices agency-proven Mariella resists becomming a grown-up. Each new project and each new website inspire her to develop and reinvent herself. Having many years of experience as a graphic all-rounder she works on all projects fast and diligently but there has to be time to play: making music, computer games and drawing feed her imagination.

    +43 1 26 44 248 – 32

  • Jan Vodila
    Jan VodilaJan Vodila


    Our Frontend magician!

    Wake up, grab a snack for breakfast, play a FIFA match and off to work. Early bird Jan is (almost) always the first person in the office and ready to transform any design into a work of art. JS and CSS should have created a JSS cooperation to be able to beat Jan’s frontend skills.

    +43 1 26 44 248