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digitalwerk is one of the best and fastest growing independent digital marketing agencies in Austria.
Here, open-minded and innovative minds shape the digital future.

All you need to know

Regardless of gender, religion, sexual orientation, and age - at digitalwerk passionate yet organized, strategists, creative minds and forward thinkers pursue one mission: we create compelling and effective digital solutions, exceptional content, experiences and campaigns for our clients, their brands and customers.

We follow a structured and creative approach that focuses on performance and user-centricity. In this way, we help our clients to grow in an ever-changing digital world and to stand up to strong competitors. With convincing ideas and executions that we think digitally by default.

That’s why our team can already look back on a long list of achievements: more than 500 web-based Projects, 100 Online Marketing Campaigns and 4 digitization projects.



Digital by Default

For us, digital is not something you have on top, not an extension, not a nice-to-have. For us, digital is the only way - and we are following this path with certainty and confidence. Because digital has always been our default value. We are Digital by Default.

But Digital by Default not only describes our way of thinking and working. Rather, it also describes the goal of a path we accompany our clients and partners on.


Some of our

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