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5 tips for your Black Friday & Cyber Monday "BFCM" campaign

Michael Gattereder 11. October 2021

As the year draws to a close, consumers are usually more in the mood for a virtual shopping spree and more willing to spend their money there. Especially on Black Friday and Cyber Monday "BFCM", this year from 26 - 29 November, the baskets are glowing and PayPal posts record sales. Last year, online retail sales grew by 123 percent year-on-year during BFCM, with older target groups in particular discovering online shopping for themselves.1

Even before this important time, e-commerce companies should do their homework - and there is plenty to do. A pure shopping campaign on the online shop is no longer enough - those days are over. Currently, only 13% of online retailers have completed their BFCM preparations, a quarter have not even started.2

5 steps to a successful BFCM campaign

1. Online shop analysis:

Start with a performance and technical check of the online shop. Is the shop up to date, do all plug-ins work and are there no problems with interfaces and tracking? Long loading times or conversion aborts burn money and time unnecessarily - this also applies to the rest of the year, of course.

2. BFCM Marketing Calendar:

Create your own BFCM marketing master plan - coordinate with your employees and/or your agency, shop technology, infrastructure and logistics. Evaluate your customer database (CRM), newsletters and followers/fans and create resources for this period. First party data is the key to success in order to control the communication later on. Define special product bundles or a "product of the day" with corresponding availability. But legal aspects also need to be checked - the term "Black Friday" is legally protected as a trademark. This must be taken into account in the planning of the advertising material and the design of the landing page.

3. Lead generation:

Build a high-performance landing page for lead generation! Make it easy for your target group to sign up to your mailing list - activate them with a "free gift" teaser product or discount codes that you receive automatically. Clear call-to-action and high mobile performance are top priorities. Test your tracking and retargeting: are all the pixels firing and is the usability working?

4. Run the right campaign:

Run a combined Black Friday performance/lead campaign across an efficient channel mix on your landing page. Continuously optimise the campaign and the ad media to grow the mailing list.

5. Real-time personalised marketing actions:

During the hot phase, inform the subscribers of your mailing list, but also existing customers and fans continuously/daily/hourly about offers, discount codes, bundles. Personalise - if possible - the mailings (customer/potential customer/fan). Track sales cancellations - try to persuade them to close a sale by means of retargeting or personalised mail.

Conclusion and recommendation:

A Black Friday campaign requires planning, resources and expertise - during this period, everyone is trying to optimise their sales, so ad spends become more expensive and experts are booked in advance. Therefore, it is important to take care of it months in advance. Besides sales, learning from a BFCM campaign is an important factor to avoid mistakes in planning, budgeting and implementation in the following year. In times of the coming 3rd party problem (2023 at the latest), it is important to actively take care of first party data now - we have to earn this data. A good Black Friday campaign is an important building block to achieve ongoing sales with good personalised performant communication/campaigns even after BFCM.

As the agency group digitalwerk, Agencylife (incl. webshop analysis) and devsk, we have the right expertise to develop and optimise your online shop and implement the right BFMC performance, as well as to take care of the entire area of social media and online marketing.


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