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Video & Photo Content

Our passion is one of the most profitable tools in digital marketing: video.
With it, we help you to build reach, increase engagement and strengthen brand loyalty.

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Win new customers and augment the value of your brand – with video,
the key to effective digital marketing.

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Essential Facts


Video is the king of digital.

The dominance of video in digital marketing is easy to explain: video is unsurpassed in its ability to capture the attention of viewers and invoke powerful emotions. Static imagery or text simply cannot compete, as numerous marketing studies have shown. 

72 % of all internet users prefer video to text

88 % of all companies are satisfied with the return on investment.

45 % of all internet users watch one hour of video per week.

Video content can dramatically enhance the emotional appeal of your corporate identity, thus furthering the achievement of your marketing goals. Companies that incorporate video content into their marketing strategies enjoy 27% higher click-through rates and 34% higher web-conversion rates. This finding applies across all industries.

An additional advantage of video is its flexibility. Once video content has been produced, it can be used numerous times in various contexts. This makes it one of the most profitable digital marketing tools available. For example, in addition to integrating a video at your website, you can use it at social media platforms to reach new customers and strengthen your brand image. Whether as an Instagram story, Facebook single video ad, or YouTube in-stream ad, effective video content is a gift that keeps on giving. 

Kingmakers in online video production

We don’t just produce emotionally inspiring video content. We produce emotionally inspiring video content that is optimized for social media and the online space. Our motion team has many decades of experience in film, television, and the visual arts.  We develop and realize highly effective and compelling video concepts that are perfectly attuned to your marketing goals and brand image. We also ensure that all content is suitable for deployment across a range of mediums, thus increasing the return of your marketing outlays.

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