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If your customers decision-making process is shortening, you, too, as a company, have to speed up your digital transformation.

Kia Motors has been our clients since 2011 - on this long journey we were able to record many joint successes. We take care of the entire digital ecosystem, including website, online magazine "Kia Insider", various web applications, social media support including content and video production and are – in cooperation with the media agency – responsible for all brand and performance campaigns for the Kia brand and participating Kia partners throughout Austria.

The digital transformation is having a lasting effect - which is also having a significant impact on the automotive industry. For Kia Motors Austria we are therefore constantly developing new strategies, concepts and solutions. This time, together with the Kia marketing and sales team, we asked ourselves the question: How do we manage to present potential Kia customers all new cars that are immediately available at their Kia partner or the importer's central warehouse in a user-friendly way? In other words: what is the shortest way to a new Kia car and a test drive? So here’s what we did.

Understanding data and customer journey

From the internal user data analysis the Kia marketing team together with external partners found out, that the decision-making process for car purchases has been massively reduced. While years ago the decision to purchase a new car was still being considered months before the final purchase, today this decision is made within a few weeks. Never before has the user been quicker in his decision for a specific brand or model. Along the Customer Journey, the urgency of presenting immediately available models is particularly evident in the "Do" phase of the marketing funnel.



Launching a new platform: Kia Neuwagen Tool

With the new online tool neuwagen.kia-erlebnis.at, we have succeeded in making all new Kia cars available at over 100 partners in Austria accessible at one click. A user-friendly online search via mobile or desktop quickly leads to the desired model. In addition, various filter options allow a targeted selection according to model, colour, equipment or motorization.

Of course, we have also thought of a quick way to contact the Kia partner. Without detours, the entire vehicle stock is transferred from the central- or dealer-warehouse to the frontend. The lead/contact generated in the process is transmitted to the dealer via a special Kia sales tool, who then takes care of the request within the shortest possible time. The digital sales channel is playing an increasingly important role for Kia to generate leads for their Kia partners throughout Austria and to optimize their customer experience with the brand through this process.


Going the extra mile

Post launch is before launch: the constant optimization of the new tool as well as the continuous performance evaluation are only the beginning of a long, joint journey for us as digital partners, which we embark on full of motivation.


By understanding the needs of our customers along the sales funnel, together with Kia we have created a userfriendly solution that effectively shortens the way to the next available new car.

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