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The Kia Couch Bonus

If COVID-19 forces your dealers to close down, your digital channels can help you stay on track to deliver sales performance.

In the fast lane thanks to the Online Tool

Given the closure of the dealerships during the covid-19 related lockdown, a strong direct line to the customers was essential for Kia to stay on track and achieve performance and sales.
The recently launched online tool neuwagen.kia.com came in very handy during this time and built the basis for an online sales boost: a relevant online only sales promotion strategy that reflected the current situation and brought together available cars and potential buyers.

#stayathome is paying off

In novel and uncertain times like these, we enable customers to drop in on their Kia-Partner safely and conveniently: just relax and browse through all the Kia models in stock, reserve your desired model online and get 1.000 Euro off the purchase price. A creative campaign spread the news of the Kia Couch Bonus.

The combination of the Couch Bonus and our brand-new online tool exceeded all expectations: Conversion rates have soared, and lead quality has increased by 100%.


5 5x Conversion Rate boost

3,5 CPAs of the campaigns were 3,5x lower compared to our best campaign prior to Covid-19

100 Lead quality was pushed by 100% (more leads turned into actual sales)

The new tool enables us to react quickly to changes in the market and shows the major role digital platforms play, especially in times like these. We have achieved fantastic results by offering our buyers immediate added value. Furthermore, we have managed to make our marketing and sales efforts more efficient in these uncertain times. The campaign has already been extended many times due to its great success. We feel that the tool will continue to drive our digital success. In digitalwerk we have found a strong partner to help us design this new contact point.

Bernhard Brückl, General Manager Marketing at Kia Motors Austria
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