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If you're shaping the future of energy and have many different stories to tell, you need a well thought-out content strategy and user experience.

Austria's leading energy company has made a name for itself primarily with electricity from hydropower. Now it was time to carry on the progressive thought in energy production into digital communication. We were allowed to support in finding the optimal content strategy and the implementation of the measures.

The challenge

With a multitude of internal stakeholders and editors, there is no shortage of content at VERBUND. This flood of good ideas, texts, images, videos, articles, press releases and more makes the challenge clear: Which content is really relevant? How should it be prepared? On which channels should it ideally be published? And - how do you know which content is relevant to the company's goals?

The answer: VREUND by VERBUND

This is where digitalwerk came in as a strategic consultant. In addition to a recommendation for new workflows and positions, the existing corporate blog was also addressed. And it quickly became clear: as a content marketing platform, its potential had not yet been fully exploited. In close cooperation with the agency KTHE, which is responsible for name, branding and brand development, "VREUND by VERBUND" was therefore developed. This is a platform for content around sustainable energies & lifestyles, green tech innovation and nature conservation. Brand-relevant topics are conveyed as content with added value without VERBUND being directly obvious as the sender. Only at relevant points are there links to the corporate website.

In the conception of the interface design, we took care to retain the existing technical modules of the magazine to a large extent and yet create a visually appealing user interface. This enabled the technical implementer Cyber-Solutions to develop a website that is both intuitive to use in the backend and sets new standards graphically. For an all-round successful user experience.

Employee buy-in before launch

In order to get internal players and stakeholders of the company excited about the new magazine before the launch, we were allowed to design and implement a short video in which Corporate Communications Director Corinna Tinkler and Head of Content Creation & Publishing Claudia Höbarth explain the idea and philosophy behind the magazine. This gave employees a first look at the graphic and content concept of VREUND by VERBUND. Among other things, this includes content columns whose contents have been provided with a color guidance system for faster assignment. The focus on emotionalizing images and optimized readability also became visible before the launch in December 2020.

Interaktive video for high-reach promotion

To promote the launch of the new content hub, KTHE developed an interactive video format. With musical accompaniment by Parov Stelar, "Deine Entscheidung" sends the protagonist "Alice" on an abstract journey in which new, exciting worlds open up behind various doors. Users can influence the course of the story by interacting with the video. We also interacted a lot with the video - not least in the design of various online advertising materials and marketing on all social media platforms. 

Watch full campaign video here.

A magazine with a mission

With the launch of VREUND by VERBUND, not only an existing corporate blog was given a new look. Strategically charged, VREUND by VERBUND is a hub for socially relevant topics related to the energy transition and sustainability. Together with KTHE and Cyber-Solutions, we succeeded in developing a magazine that stimulates social discourse, while casually and elegantly positioning VERBUND as a topic leader in renewable energy and paying tribute to the company's content strategy. And that pleases us.

"Digitalwerk has been a key partner in helping us optimize our digital communications strategy and has shown us ways to equip our internal processes and our departments for digital communications."

Corinna Tinkler, Director Communications VERBUND AG

Read VREUND by VERBUND magazine.

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