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Vienna House

If your mobile conversion rate is lagging behind, you must reshape your user experience and tweak your campaigns.

The international hotel chain Vienna House with over 50 hotels and 8000 rooms approached us with a simple but challenging task: to achieve a higher direct booking rate on their website and to rely less on online travel agencies like booking.com. So here’s what we did.


Redefining digital channels

Depending on the level of the funnel for the travel purchase, the user receives the appropriate message. The journey starts by creating a need, a longing in the user. Then we lead them to the next level, where they start planning their trip. Concrete requests to make a booking are only issued to those target groups, which are already in the right stage of the funnel - which has led to an enormous improvement in conversion rates.

Understanding data and technology

As we collected data, we saw that our biggest leverage is to improve cost per purchase (media costs) and conversion rates once a user visits the site and enters the booking engine.

Our status quo analysis also revealed obvious limitations in the mobile user experience of the current website. With more than 50% of users researching and booking on mobile devices, we here saw the greatest potential.

Running best practice campaigns

In order not to jeopardize the revenue volume, we decided to improve the current experience with a UX facelift – without a complete relaunch. At the same time, we developed best practices for digital campaigns with a focus on conversions and implemented those in Google Ads, Display and Paid Social.

67 % RISE IN MOBILE CONVERSION for searching for a hotel


60 % more online transactions 2019 vs 2018

By understanding the user journey, we not only added value for customers and guests of Vienna House, together we created solutions to clearly reach and even exceed KPIs.

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