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User-centered creation process


Understanding the context of use

  1. Analysis and evaluation of internal suggestions for improvement.
  2. Screening of own platform and existing content channels.
  3. Collection of information about users (behaviour), their goals and tasks.
  4. Insight into the technical framework, processes, departments and resources.


Define user requirements

  1. Definition of the information architecture on the basis of the target specifications
  2. Derivation of various user stories in relation to the context of use and business objectives
  3. Definition of internal and external workflows and specification of interfaces
  4. Specification of roles, resources, responsibilities and responsibilities 


design solutions on the basis of the user requirements.

  1. Development of user tasks, interactions and a strategy covering user and business requirements 
  2. Solution customization based on user-centric evaluation and feedback
  3. Documentation of the defined solutions for further implementation


Evaluate design solutions based on user requirements

  1. Evaluation of the feasibility under consideration of the following points:
    • existing resources
    • Definition of the cost framework
    • role definition
    • Comparison of Conversion Variants
    • Content and expert hub development
  2. Identification of challenges and optimization potentials
  3. Design of an iterative process
    (feedback loop)
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