Crafting Strategies

How to make planet earth great again

As part of a viral internet trend, DigitalWerk and 360° Contently have created a video for Greenpeace Austria which approaches the highly sensitive topic of climate change in a humorous yet serious way. Watch below the video itself and the Making-Of.


STEP 1 Where to start

Facing a challenge of finding a path between respectability and humour, the video covers the subject of the threat of our planet, following the trend "every second counts". The script was written in "Trump-language", putting a sensitive subject into a more approachable frame and adding a spin to the general topic. Within 4 days, the video achieved outstanding results and was shared over a number of countries worldwide.


Building a team that could execute every single step - from the script to the final production - in a short amount of time, in highest possible quality, concluded the main challenge. However, having formed the right team, the foundation for a creative and challenging project was set.

Planet Earth first


STEP 2 Behind the Scenes

Watch below the Making-Of! The main focus of the video was to communicate the issue of climate change in a consistens storyline as well as in a manner that would be credible and suitable to the seriousness of the topic.


By choosing this approach, we have managed to create a viral video, being shared and achieving a high number of views in a very short amount of time. Creating awareness for current issues defined the motivation for this cooperation - and is only the first step in making the planet great again.