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Online Marketing Solutions

The Online Marketing Team of DigitalWerk is here to accompany our client on an all-embracing level.

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The approach

Each client is different and so are our client’s goals. Our approach therefore varies each time. Nevertheless, through many years of profound experience we established a framework that can adapt to any project and harmonizes with both google and social media channels.

Concept and analysis

It all starts with a brief of what our client wants to achieve. From there we set up a plan of how to drive performance, from reach and awareness all the way to conversion.


First there is the analysis: We analyze our status quo, the different audiences and their individual behavior, the clients existing ecosystem, the measurable objectives, our competition and benchmarks.


Based on this analysis we set up a strategy workshop together with our client in which we work out a clear concept of how to achieve the results our client wants to achieve.  Our concepts are as individual as the pain points and needs of each client. However, we typically work with the SEE-THINK-DO-CARE framework, established by Google, the mother of Online Marketing, to guide users from awareness to conversion and increasing the users customer lifetime value.


It all comes down to solid and ideal base with a great strategy on top. That’s where our SEE-THINK-DO-CARE framework enters the playground:


By demonstrating the users pain points in their daily life, we create the need for a solution –  the need for our clients service. Crucial is thereby to identify a universal problem to catch all our potential audiences. It’s moreover all about creative formats, storytelling and emotions, which is why video is the medium to go for.


After we generated awareness and a (superficial) desire for our clients product or service it’s time to dig deeper: According to the in the analysis and conception defined audiences we create individual ads with benefits of the product tailored to his individual needs and wants. A sport fan therefore sees a different ad with a different message and visual than a design enthusiast. This is also the arrival of paid and organic search on the scene as an additional possible channel: According to the analyzed organic search behavior of our users we get paid search campaigns set up that pick them up at the first step of their research journey and give them the benefits they are looking for.


After warming our audience in the See-Phase and giving them the knowledge of our benefits and features we have them ready for the final step: the action to do something, book something, buy something, contact something, etc. This are users that probably watched a specific video of ours or visited our website but haven’t submitted a lead or purchased an article. This is also the framework-step in which leads are generated and sales are driven. Dynamic ads, lead ads or shopping ads are just a few special ad formats we use to get our clients the best results possible – and the user the best experience possible.


Your typical agency stops working after sales are driven or leads are generated: We from Digitalwerk are different. We know that the Care-phase of each earned client is equally important as generating new ones. We will work with you on the best possibly user journey and strategy for your e-mail-marketing to get the most satisfied clients, know the power of user generated content and serving the community we have built up. We show our clients products that might interest them and display them ads as a reminder to replace their products for example when their durability comes to an end.

Ways of working

In our monthly check ins we provide update against campaign performance and budgets. We deliver insights as to what is working and what still needs to improve. For instance, which message is working most relevant for our target audiences on social media and what does that mean for our search campaigns? Moreover in this meetings we set up our next steps and to dos for the next month and discuss possible briefings and upcoming events or campaigns.

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Each project has different needs, goals and challenges. We find the right balance between branding and campaign to achieve the optimal result.

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Web Based Solutions

Each project is individual and has its own requirements. We at Digitalwerk have developed a workflow that quickly adapts to the circumstances. Together with our consulting and controlling services, this approach can enable an optimal project flow.

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