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Haus der Barmherzigkeit

If it‘s your mission to put people in the focus, then your digital appearance should reflect that

We provided the website of Haus der Barmherzigkeit with a brand new look and helped spread awareness for people in need of care.

Who is Haus der Barmherzigkeit?

The charitable Haus der Barmherzigkeit offers long-term care with quality of life to people in need of difficult care.

In six nursing hospitals and homes in Vienna and Lower Austria, it continuously cares for around 1200 geriatric residents. In its 15 flat-sharing communities, five Basic Day Centres and the ZAB (Centre for Work and Encounter) it supports around 400 younger clients with multiple disabilities.



Website relaunch

A relaunch of the website was the logical first step. The navigation structure had to be simplified and information made more accessible. Large images and a targeted use of the CI make the content of the website emotionally accessible and invite users to browse

Campaign concept

Subsequently, digitalwerk was asked to develop an online marketing campaign aimed at the major goal of „generating more appeals for donations“. At the same time, the brief was to address a new target group that is somewhat younger than the current one. digitalwerk then worked out the concept of „Shoppable Emotions“.

Online Marketing

Through targeted placement and targeting of relevant target groups, the message and call-to-action of the campaign is spread as effectively as possible. This also includes A/B testing and retargeting measures. The placement before the beginning of Advent is ideal to motivate the user to make a donation during the time of selflessness and charity.


By relaunching the website, the information architecture of the site was to be streamlined and content better found. The aim was for the design to reflect the emotional theme without violating the dignity of the people cared for by the Haus der Barmherzigkeit.




Online marketing

Donations are a very important factor in financing the care centre. digitalwerk is raising awareness of this in a widespread online marketing campaign.


To give away emotions

With an emotionally charged online marketing campaign, digitalwerk will create awareness for the topic via selected channels and encourage people to donate for people in need of care. The content of the campaign is: „Give things you can‘t buy“. So instead of communicating a direct appeal to donate, we ask people to „buy“ emotions to bring hope, joie de vivre or care to people in need.

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