Crafting Strategies

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Forging User Experiences

...while cutting some bullshit


We make your digital marketing successful

Strategic Consulting

Let's Find Your Way

DigitalWerk's strategists translate your ideas and business goals into actual tactics and packages. Our portfolio includes:

  • Strategy Papers
  • Online Consulting
  • Audits
  • Workshops
  • Trained Moderators
Lead Management

Harvest Your Leads' Potential

Our lead management and marketing automation strategists and implementation specialists are experienced with global projects. We cover:

  • Marketing Automation Planning & Implementation
  • Lead Management Strategies
  • Lead Nurture Tactics
  • Lead Scoring Modeling
  • Mapping Sales - Marketing
  • Oracle Certified
Content Marketing

Beyond the Storytelling Buzz

DigitalWerk manages leading content marketing strategies from editorial setup to content creation and performance marketing. A good story alone is not enough - let's get the processes right.

  • Content Marketing Full Service
  • Content Creation
  • Editorial Video Production
  • Persona & Conversion Steering
  • RTNA - CM Advertising
User-Centric Design

Beautiful Functionality

DigitalWerk designers are renowned and decorated web designers. We focus on user-centric and lean design masterpieces. All designs are handcrafted. We offer:

  • Modular Design
  • User-Centric Design
  • UX Prototyping
  • Online-Centric CD Creation

Handcrafted and Special

DigitalWerk-websites are leading web creations. Our experts make sure that every part - from concept to performance - fulfills our quality-leading standards. Our packages include:

  • Individual Master Design
  • High-End Frontend and Backend Development
  • Content Styling
  • Leading SEO
  • Certified Project Management
Social Media

More than Likes

Our Social Media team manages your audiences and messages. In-house collaboration with our motion, ads and design teams guarantees best outcomes on your channels. We offer:

  • Social Media Full Service
  • Community Management
  • Social Media Support
  • Social Media Concepts & Workshops
  • Social Ads
Ads & Reporting

Real People's Machines

DigitalWerk's expert Online Marketing Pros manage your performance budget. We set up your channel mix and maximize your conversions. Our Google-certified services include:

  • SEA & Display & Social
  • Ad Planning
  • Ad Management
  • Ad Design
  • Reporting
Search Engines

Google this.

Search engines play an important part in (almost) all of our portfolio. Besides that, we offer our search engine know-how also separately:

  • SEM planning
  • SEO workshops
  • SEO audits

Make your Content Move

Our motion unit produces video content for your websites, editorial strategies and Social Media. Working closely with our design and marketing team, all activities are streamlined to fit together.

  • Image Videos
  • Docu-Style Videos
  • Branding Videos
  • Motion Ads
  • Social Media Cuts
  • Background Videos
  • Motion Graphics

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