Crafting Strategies

Forging User Experiences

...while cutting some bullshit


Our Approach

We aim for lasting partnerships with clients. We love to craft from blank pages. When presented with preexisting ideas and concepts, we help to excel them. We care a lot for Content Marketing and Lead Management Strategies. DigitalWerk approaches are always lean and to the point. Here's what we do in-house:

Our Range

Strategic Consulting
Lead Management
Content Marketing
User-Centric Design
Social Media
Ads & Reporting
Search Engines

Our Tools


10 developers from all over the world found their new home in Vienna to help shape modern Frontend and Backend development. The close collaboration with designers and marketeers makes it possible to shape great projects.


Our motion department produces the right content to fill the tech basis. We also employ content stylists who help great content to fit your channels. DigitalWerk further manages editorial boards in collaboration with great journalists.


Our Marketing department covers all aspects of modern Online Marketing, excelling in SEA with Google AdWords & Yandex, Social Media Management, Social Ads, Newsletters and Display Ads. They particularly focus on developing Online strategies.

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