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If younger audiences think of your delicious juice as grandma's medicine, you need a fresher look.
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With its range of juices made from purely natural ingredients, with no added sugar and a high vitamin content, hohes C has established itself as THE healthy juice on the breakfast table for Austrian families. In view of the strong brand heritage since 1964, the brand wanted to appeal to a more modern audience ¬ and also create a suitable platform for the new products developed as a result of the additional trend change towards a more health-conscious lifestyle and tailored to the various needs of the consumer groups. So here’s what we did.


Vitalizing the digital appearance

Partnering up with digitalwerk was the first step towards a more professional digital appearance of hohes C, followed by targeting the audiences of young mothers and fathers and the decision to rejuvenate the brand's image. To achieve this goal, we chose a fresh look and feel and a bold but charming tonality for the relaunch of the outdated website.




Adding a little juice 

We were able to create a clean but colorful design pattern that was applied to both the website and the content for the social media channels. The style of the website can be described as young, fresh and transparent, perfectly reflecting the brand image.
A well-organized website structure allows users to easily navigate through the various sub-pages and provides a more than satisfying user experience.
Small details, such as the handwritten information, real life insights and animated visuals, combined with a vivid color scheme, give a cheeky touch to the professional representation of the brand.


Running successful campaigns

In order to further expand its credibility in the health and lifestyle sector and to reach new groups of buyers, hohes C started a cooperation with fitness trainer Michael Buchleitner and former olympic athlete. This cooperation resulted in a video campaign with running tips, nutritional information and various training plans for different goals and performance levels. This video campaign was successfully distributed via social media and the website.

Also: Just in time for the cold season we ran another social media campaign that focused on the hohes C product range to support the immune system. This campaign contained useful content on how to strengthen the body’s defence and to stay healthy during the winter season.


97 Desktop Page Speed

86 Mobile Page Speed

92 % SEO Site Checkup

Website Awards

  • Featured Site of the day CSSLIGHT
  • Star Award  CSS WINNER
  • Special Kudos CSS DESIGN AWARDS

By giving the website a fresh and vital new interface in a complete relaunch and by addressing new target groups with the right approach, all goals and KPIs were achieved.

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